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  • FAST

    Fast is a trademarked brand specializing in the manufacturing of spare parts for Italian cars (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Iveco)....

    19 November 2015

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    Hanswerk is a trademark merchandise brand specializing in the manufacturing of Aftermarket engine parts for passenger and delivery cars....

    19 November 2015

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    Velpart is a trademark brand specializing in manufacturing of spare parts for Italian cars (Fiat, Iveco, Alfa Romeo), but also for selected German and French car makes....

    19 November 2015

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Aktualności Nasz dowód na profesionalizm.

  • Happy Easter!

    This Easter, We wish you and your family to have a prosperous and peaceful life. May you be blessed with home filled with harmony, joy and love. Happy Easter!...

    14 April 2017

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  • FAST is joining the Tec Doc!

    Ladies and Gentleman, we are extremely pleased to announce that FAST is joining the Tec Doc database – the most popular car spare parts catalogue in Europe. Thousands of workshops, wholesalers and auto shops use it to find spare...

    31 March 2017

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  • The Auto Trade Fair – Automässan 2017

    Between 18-21 January 2017 the company Celkar took part in the largest automotive trade fair across Scandinavia. The event is very famous and popular. In the year 2014 in Göteborg over 15 thousand people from around 30 countries visited...

    14 February 2017

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  • Merry Christmas

    May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill, And may thr year ahead be full of contentment and joy. Have a Merry Christmas...

    22 December 2016

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